Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Experiment Continues with Atorvastatin

A quick update on my statins experiment...

Initially I tried going on simvastatin 20mg, taken nightly before bed.  It was a disaster.  :(

Taking simvastatin I ended up feeling as worse as I have for the past year with symptoms arising that were similar to the beginnings of my hemorrhage a year ago, after only 4 days on the medication.  It was very scary as I thought I might be at the beginning of a new bleed, it was that bad.  Thankfully the progression stopped after I ceased taking the drug and I recovered within a couple of days.

I ended up with fairly fast symptoms exacerbating my usual numbness after taking simvastatin at night and would have insomnia from it (from feeling bad all night). The next days after taking simvastatin would be fairly poor with increased nausea, and numbness on the worst day was extensive with backs of arms, back of ears and pronounced in feet, hands, mouth, tongue. The characterization of the numbness was unusual in its severity especially, but extensions of my usual symptoms associated with my cavernous malformation. I had some headache associated with taking this also, and some muscle soreness which was fairly light.

So now I am switching to a better statin called atorvastatin.  One thing that promises improvement in taking it for my condition is that while simvastatin has a half-life of some 2-5 hours, atorvastatin has a half-life (including active metabolites) of 14-25 hours.  Since I am going for a potential stabilizing effect for my cavernous malformation, having more of a sustained stream active effect in my system seems like a better idea, and even for cholesterol management atorvastatin usually trumps simvastatin and this is partly attributed to its respective half life.

So I have been trying 5mg daily atorvastatin and already found a limit there after 5-6 days where symptoms especially nausea are not tolerable, but no where near how bad the simvastatin was!  So after a few days here of detoxing I am trying a further reduced dosage, and hoping I can get to a level where I can live with it and still have some potential benefits.

My experiment continues!