Sunday, April 8, 2012

No More Hangovers!

I went on a great vacation down to L.A., and Palm Springs this week.  Visiting family, great weather, golf, pool, lovely!  I might have had a few drinks on a couple of nights.  But the next morning I don't suffer the consequences anymore!

Its great you know because I can't seem to notice getting the usual bit of a hangover that I would expect, you know slow start on day, bit of nausea etc.  Because I usually feel that way anyway, and is just blends in! :P

So my new normal has some upside, woo-hoo!   Party on then!


  1. Haha, there's a positive attitude :P

  2. Its Cinco de Mayo today, it will be put to the test :D

  3. Now that's looking on the bright side. :)