Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Paying for it

I had the best days ever, and now I am paying for it.  Pretty typical gig that there is a one to two day lag on whatever I did to my feeling bad from it.  This Sunday I have felt as sick as I have for a year since my first clinical bleed.  I am pretty nauseous, when I get up and walk around I am a bit wobbly and disoriented in terms of balance.  Its like a light case of vertigo.  Its not terrible but I am not well.

Continuing through Monday and Tuesday I get twinges of vertigo when I turn too quickly and do mundane things like unloading the dishwasher.  Its not pleasant and I cannot do much of this before needing to lie down and let the nausea subside.

Fortunately I can sit in front of the computer a bit, its just turning my body and head that is slightly problematic.  I am starting a fun project organizing our 20,000 digital photos with Picasa and dealing with some old scans from my childhood.  Good times.  Its actually quite nice to help contemplate life to see the generations unfold like this before my eyes, especially the facial recognition that often gets my kids confused with me as a kid.  Sweet.

I had some awesome days Friday and Saturday, and would do it again, but clearly there are consequences of trying to live a more normal life.  It remains to be seen if there is a new-normal I can sign up for here.

I have an MRI scheduled in 10 days or so and a follow up with neurosurgeon in 2 weeks.  In light of my not being able to live a more normal life I am increasingly interested in revisting a surgical option here.

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