Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I Quit" - But Not Quite

So let me be frank...

This job I have been at is insane.  The highs and lows are amazing, its a total roller coaster.  The industry I am in is pretty unstable, and lot of wild west stuff going on, a real frontier.  Trailblazing.  Outlaws.  You get me.

I have been running advertising operations, revenue operations, technical operations for a substantial business.  I have some help that is getting hired, but this is intense.

I have been working myself to the bone.  Sleep deprivation, late nights, early mornings.  Nights and weekends.  Headaches.  Mid-day naps just to make it.  Long 1 hour drives to work on occasion which is always pretty risky getting back as I am drowsy on the road.

The occasional all-nighter gets me pretty messed up 1-2 days later for at least a day.  Its weird.  I used to be able to push and punish my body without consequences.  But now its like I am paying for my workaholic sins materially.  Remember that neurosurgeon said nothing I can do will affect the next time my brain bleeds?  I am living with reckless abandon.

I have been getting pretty upset of late.  Its really been getting too much.  It just feels wrong.

Somehow despite all odds my boss saves me.  But once someone quits this is usually just a save for a short time and I am fated to be leaving soon anyway.  He agrees he will back off on the pressure and he will take back some of the responsibility that I recently took on.  I will however continue to run the advertising, revenue, and technical operations for the company.  Its pretty stressful stuff.

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