Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brain Fog

Its odd how my brain rebels...

Granted its dealing with the cavernous angioma displacing bits on the inside, but its brainstem, core physical wiring type stuff, not cerebral.

So when I start studying for this real estate brokers license that I have been putting off for about 20 years ( I know I have been busy :P ), its strange that I do so through some sort of fog.  Generally I don't react well to stress, and now when I am fairly leisurely reading these books to study and taking some online exams, I can feel my head get all whacked out, sort of what you would think a sinus headache or head cold to feel like but not quite.  Some odd generalized pressure around my mouth, sinus, eyes, etc.

This is not new, I have been dealing with this all year, stress helps create a physical sensation in my head I have to cut through to do what I need to do, but what is striking is even a simple act of studying new material is triggering it.  Boy am I sensitive!


  1. Oh....the dreaded fog!!! I hate it!! I've only had moments of clarity in the past 2+ years. I long for the "old days" when I used to feel "normal". It's almost like I forget what normal feels like till the fog lifts a little. The moments of freedom give me hope that eventually the fog will pass. For now, I'm still waiting.

  2. Sorry to hear that you can relate so well and most of the time. I still enjoy most of the time when I have clarity and don't have anything like what you are going through. Its an odd thing with the brainstem since technically I should not have anything that triggers a mental fog yet there it is. The brain is a complicated beast... So here's to enjoying that precious clarity and normalcy!