Friday, January 28, 2011

One Month Anniversary - Appt with Neurologist

I have an appointment with a neurologist at Palo Alto Medical Foundation.   I don't have a referral and get the appointment pretty quickly a few days before.

My lingering symptoms of my bleed a month ago are some numbness in my left foot and a disorientation like vertigo when I jump and run.  Its like my body cannot keep up with me when I move in terms of where it thinks I am.

Its pretty puzzling to the neurologist, I generally check out, and I get the MRI.  Having my father being a doctor recommending this helps.  I am pretty aggressive about getting this quickly as I have to make a go/no-go decision in the next few days about cutting over to my new employer's insurance plan.  As an aside I have been a consultant for this startup, not a full time employee.  Full time employment formerly starts in February when it comes to benefits though I have been hitting full time hours as a consultant.

I get the MRI the same day even though my case is tagged non-urgent.   God bless America, where private insurance can you get the best of care quickly!

I am pretty sure that the MRI is ordered without contrast as its a routine MRI.  However in the middle of it, the technician injects me with contrast.  I chat them up, asking whether this is typical and am only told "they saw something they want to get a better look at".   Great I'm thinking.

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