Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 4 - New Year's Day - I am Toast

New Year's Day comes.  I am sick.  The room is spinning. I vomit in the bath room time and again.  I am numb on some parts of the left side of my body.  Its worst when I lie down.  Resting while sitting up does not seem to hurt so much.

At least the kids are out building a snowman
But its vacation dammit, and the kids have to go out in the snow to make a snow man.  Fortunately my friend is coming over with his son (our sons are best friends) and they make a snowman and my wife and he have the kids sled down the hill.  I am obviously not able to participate.  This sucks.  I am not as bad as earlier in the morning, but I dare not walk around.

Mean while I am holding our 6 mo. old since someone has to watch him.  Its a painful sacrifice.  I'm terribly nauseous, each minute that passes drags excruciatingly by, and I'm counting the seconds at times.

But WTF is happening to me?  A bad flu I speculate.  Some bizarre case of altitude sickness with a case of vertigo?  The problem is that this new numbness I have on my scalp, back, left side of my body does not add up.

At this point I think the mountain is doing me in.  We pack up somehow, I even load some things in the car.  Its brutal and I cannot quite handle walking let alone moving bags and suit cases into the car but I do it anyway.

 I call up my father who is a doctor, and while he urges me to stay put I insist on getting off the mountain.  He orders me anti-nausea medication at the local pharmacy and we pick it up while driving out of Tahoe.  If it were not for the medication I would not be able to suffer the ride down the hill with my wife at the wheel.  I am passed out most of the time, its too painful to be coherent, and thankfully the anti-nausea medication has a bonus of making me drowsy.

We make it home.


  1. What a nightmare! Good thing you have a doctor in the family!