Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 - Trouble Begins - New Year's Eve

Another great day in the snow.  But now I am starting to feel off.  Not totally sick, but definitely not well.  Not thinking too much of it, was it what I ate last night?  Too much to drink?  Typical stuff when on vacation.

My wife will be taking my daughter skiing today.  I drop them off and watching the boys meanwhile.  But something is not right, and the drive up the mountain is tough, and returning to pick them up off the mountain is difficult to the point of not being sure I can do it.

We are hosting company at our condo for New Year's Eve and by evening my earlier brain bleed effects are in full swing.  I am having bad nausea and making urgent trips to the rest room to vomit.

Spent most of the night in that chair, but came back enough to smile for the camera!
I am sick, bad.  But I wonder if I have the stomach flu brought on by food poisoning.

We have company over.  I struggle to participate.  Some food seems to settle the stomach.  We celebrate New Year's with good friends and family.  I even manage to get down a glass of champagne. :)

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