Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 2 - Normal Day

Having hot coco that morning
Today is a normal snowy day up in Tahoe.  I shake off the total body numbness as the day wears on, and we do normal fun things like have hot coco for breakfast & visit our friends at their condo.  Tromp around in the snow.  Visit the snow lodge to check out skiing for our little girl.  Nap time with baby.

Later that evening we hit a typical casino-style buffet gig.  Its fun, this casino even has a play structure for kids, so all of our friends/families get together and hang out here.  I overdo it as usual playing with the kids, that I feel off at all I attribute to not sleeping much the night before.

Its an odd thing about this jewel in my brain.  It can freak out but I won't know it for a couple of days.  So odd.

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