Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 16-18 - Trip to Los Angeles

Been looking forward to visiting my family down in Los Angeles after the holidays.  I am still somewhat numb, but well enough to drive some but my wife and I share this duty.  I even manage a little ice skating with the kids (ice needs to be artificial in LA, its an indoor ice-skating rink).

Discussing my condition with my dad, he presses upon me and reiterates that this sounds like some kind of stroke.  The numbness simply does not add up to anything that can be reasonably explained. But I'm 35!  I need to go see a neurologist and get an MRI ordered right away.  He is willing to take me in immediately but I suggest that I can handle it when I get back home.

Before we leave L.A. we have chocolate cupcakes at my mom's house.

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