Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrapping up Gig

Its been a heck of a 6 weeks giving notice and helping the company ramp folks up to take over my day to day operations.  I strive to make this departure as seamless as possible including training my replacements and putting things in good order.  We have some false starts on this, so its good that we have 6 weeks to handle this transition!

Initially when I gave notice I was going to try to help the company through the end of year holiday crush when the company peak business/traffic occurs.   But my dear wife easily convinced me of the foolishness of this, after all it was during said peak a year earlier when my first major bleed occurred, and wasn't it likely that I would suffer severe stress and exhaustion this time around potentially triggering another one?  Seemed prudent to wrap up before the holiday madness, thus a last day of December 16th.

But the blood sweat and tears involved in wrapping things up without loose ends is quite a lot and I end up spending a good part of November and December with head aches and other general fatigue from the work and stress of it all.  I hunker down and get it done including ramping a new hire the last few days of my job.

Stress free?  We'll see.

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